Gemstone Diffuser Calcite & Amethyst

Gemstone Diffuser Calcite & Amethyst

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A beautiful, unique essential oil diffuser - designed to couple the therapeutic energy of gemstones with the beautiful fragrance of diffuser oils. Simply add a couple of drops of diffuser oil, allow the stones to absorb the fragrance before gently releasing it into the air.

We have chosen to combine Amethyst with Sodalite in this beautiful gemstone diffuser as the deep spiritual connections of Amethyst evokes a sense of deep calm. Since 300 BC, the Ancient Greeks used Amethyst as a natural antioxidant. It promotes protection and purification whilst cleansing your negative attachments. The stone is a natural tranquilliser which helps relieve stress, anxiety and fear. Combined with the healing properties of Sodalite, this aids mental and physical cleansing.

Add one of our beautiful diffuser oils to receive the full therapeutic benefits of our gemstone diffuser.  


Made in United Kingdom