Fartology Book by Stefan Gates

Fartology Book by Stefan Gates

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Stefan Gates asks and answers all the questions about farts, so that you don't have to.

  • What is a fart?
  • Do all creatures fart?
  • Why do farts smell?
  • Why do we find them so embarrassing... and so darned funny?!

Broadcaster and obsessive fartologist Stefan Gates tackles these pressing issues in Fartology, the first ever book to take a comprehensive, scientific look at the body’s extraordinary methane-making abilities.

Stefan looks at the journey from food to fart; the weird science behind intestinal gas; the sounds, smells and all things in between.  With farty recipes, musings on the greatest farters in history, farts in literature, and fart euphemisms Fartology offers mind-blowing, trouser-exploding fun for all the family.

Hardback: 144 pages