Love Match book by Stella Andromeda

Love Match book by Stella Andromeda

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Love Match is your ultimate guide to love and dating by the stars.

How does Taurus want to be loved? How does Scorpio communicate? Where should you take Libra on a mini-break? Here, the stars are your friends, providing insights and pointers on how to maximise the odds.

With this bright and beautiful reference book for modern lovers, you will no longer need to stalk the LinkedIn profile of your Tinder date for Saturday night, or wonder what kind of housemate your new lover will make.  Whether you are navigating a long-term monogamous relationship with a freewheeling Sagittarius, celebrating your golden anniversary with a deep-feeling Pisces, or dating every sign in the sky – this book will guide you through the ups and downs of love with the power of the zodiac.

Hardback: 176 pages